Stephen King’s IT – The Movie

By September 13, 2017Blog


I was excited to step out and see a movie for a change. I was getting cabin fever and feeling bored. I’d been editing my latest horror novel for way longer that I care to admit, and I still had a lot more to go. An extra day off the old day job did the trick. What to see?

IT, of course.

When I arrived at the theatre, two young women were turned away for not having ID. I have never seen people turned away from a movie before. Interesting.

I tried not to have any expectations because I kept hearing how good it was, hadn’t read the book, didn’t find clowns scary, and do find most horror movies disappointing on some level.

I’m very hard to scare. Few do the trick.

This one kicked ass.

Right from the very beginning, it captured me. I try not to analyze films when I see them unless I am watching them with that goal in mind – to document their structure mostly. But this one, I watched both as a movie buff and as an intrigued writer.

My biggest question being, how does Stephen King do that? Do what? Create such remarkable characters that make me care what happens to them. This is the core of his work to me – not the blood and gore or other scary scenes. It is that each character is so clearly defined and loved by the author that we, as the audience or the reader, can’t help but love them too.

These kids were crass, adorable, and believably terrified.

The acting in IT was brilliant. When did kids become such amazing actors? Holy crap. They were funny as hell and I was right there with them.

I read Carrie recently, after seeing the movie many times over the years, and it was this same care for the character that struck me the most. The love that she was created with, to me, was what made it a huge success. I could feel the warmth and compassion Stephen King had for her – an innocent who was being abused on every level. I wanted her to seize her power and to get her revenge. Yeah! Pity she took out a few people who were on her side, but even that was realistic.

King has such brilliant perception of the human condition.

There were a couple of corny parts, but I’m skipping those because when a movie is this good it just doesn’t matter.

Who cares? Blow me.

The experience was something I won’t quickly forget and it’s one of the few movies I have seen of late that I will remember clearly.

The direction was brilliant, the sets outstandingly creepy, and yes – I hate to admit – it even made me cry. This movie was a classic King movie – up there with The Shining and Carrie, with the unmistakable and unforgettable blood and gore scene that never gets old.

And lastly, if all clowns were this terrifying, I might have a slight issue with them too.

I slept peacefully last night – boredom gone and very inspired. Thank you Mr. King. May you continue your very long reign as Monarch and Master of horror.


T. Straker